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Mr. Manoj Kr. Pandey

Mr. Manoj Kr. Pandey

The promoter and the Secretary of this organization Mr. Manoj kr. Pandey, M.A., has been a person of creative zeal since his very childhood. His spirit led him to participate in almost all community activity in his school and college days. He represented the Junior Bihar team in Inter-State Cricket Tournament and cricket team of District tournament; participate in National Integration Camp at Punjab in 1988. He traveled almost all over India in a Cultural Harmony travel. He was an enthusiastic organizer of several school tournaments and several village sports and games tournaments, organized several youth camps and performed community develop...

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Manjusha Art

Vocational Training


I visited the Manjusha Art revival initiative and are pleased to know it this wonderful work has been done. I wish there a grand future and ...
Great word done by DishaGraminVikasManch for revival of “Manjusha Art”. As NABARD we are proud to be associated with this project as we supp...
D.V. Deshpande
Most impressed with the work of the team, from looking after it Manjusha painting Heritage to help children. I have seen these paintings on ...
Elana Dickson
Manjusha Art is very interesting. All we need to do is just to promote this to everywhere. And I really like what you both are doing here. ...
Neha Sahu
दिशा ग्रामीण विकास मंच द्वारा प्रायोजित एस.डब्ल्यू.आई. विधि से गेहूं खेती के फसल-कटनी में भाग लिया | इनके द्वारा किया गया कार्य सराहनीय एवं ...
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